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As always just contact us for any specific data or info that you want.    Our focus is on neighborhood specific restorations and additions that match the character of the surrounding homes and history.    We're always on the lookout for investment partners or honest and driven construction contractors.

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Daily Updates

October 17th - WE HAVE MULTIPLE OFFERS ON SPENCE ST!!!! One for the whole lot and another for the back house. And several other people sniffing around. Peoples street had some additional structural work I had to add because of some interior wall redesign and because of all this rain! The rain has really come hard and mean this year. Upland Drive is holding pat while we wait for the next round of investment, but we have been using the spare time to solidify the architectural drawings.

September 22nd - Spence A is all wrapped up and looks beautiful. Spence B is getting rave reviews (just no buyers yet). Peoples street is almost fully decked in the back and we may wrap up roof decking and windows on the front part even this week!

video of Peoples Street view. We still have one more level with a rooftop deck to go… .

September 12th - For those that never saw the ‘before’ shots of Peoples Street - here are some fun ones…. and then shots of the new framing on top of the new basement garage follow.

September 11th -  Things have been crazy busy and the weather has been nasty! Spence is looking great but the biggest changes are with Peoples Street framing progress. It’s night and day from before.


August 30th - Wow what a week.   The final touches at Spence to prep for the big Labor day open house and the trusses at Peoples - all in 100+ degree heat that brought down two of the newer guys to half days.   =).    At Upland we are finalizing drawings, clearing the land, and prepping to be the central dumpster spot.   We also need some bridge funding this week and have begun financing discussions on our big mixed use project.    We've updated our investor pages, so please give that a look if you want to contribute with great returns.


901 Spence - FOR SALE

1919 restoration - 4/3 2300 sq ft - $720k. Walk everywhere. Back house 2/2 new build can be added on for $380k (sells for $410k as a separate sale).


August 24th - 2016 Peoples Street had some leaning walls we have fortified and prepared for a 2 inch lift.   Most houses from the 1920s are missing some collar ties or other support in the roof which pushes the walls out over time.     This weekend we will finalize prep for the trusses which arrive on Monday.   Then it's off to the races framing up the addition!

August 23rd - 901 Spence - We only had a few minor dings in our final city inspection for the front house that should easily wrap up by Tuesday or Wednesday.   Meanwhile the back house completed plumbing yet is still waiting for the city to make it out for Electrical inspection (we called it in over a week ago but they are seriously backed up).

August 2018 - Week 3 - Summary

901 Spence Street - We passed our final draw inspection and have the final city of Austin permit inspections tomorrow.   Both houses are looking great and we roll out our new marketing and branding strategy the first week of September.   We will use this last week to put on finishing touches and then the final new pricing and better weather should move both houses very quickly.

2016 Peoples Street - The beautiful Marvin Integrity black barred windows arrived and we are framing those in now along with the sheathing and new roof for the existing 1930s structure.   In one week the trusses for the addition will arrive and we can then tie in the old to the new and really get down to business.

1101 Upland Drive - We've been stalled at the permit phase for both A & B here, but this Friday I hope to finalize the drawings.   Once those are approved we can get the trusses for the upstairs delivered and finish off one of the best views in Austin.   In the meantime we are working on the foundation and siding of the existing structure via an express permit.

framing and basement full.png

2016 Peoples

We now have a basement with garage. (that's about $20k of concrete you see there). The trusses will arrive next week. We can then frame up 2 more floors and tie the original 1930s house on the left to the apartment and addition on the right.

Daily Updates

August 17th - 901 Spence houses - final wrapup for final inspections!    Toilets and faucets are being bolted down, and the last few deck boards arrive and will be installed on the upper decks.    2016 Peoples - We had to shore up the retaining wall dirt and have completed "securing" the front house with floor boards and sheathing on the side of the house.    Now we fine tune the framing and sheathing around the windows and we will be ready for some air conditioners!

August 14th - 2016 Peoples - the Marvin prism wood/fiberglass windows arrive for the 1929 renovation portion of this project.   We will be drying in and completing the front part of the house quickly to give the neighborhood something to talk about.

August 13th - 901 Spence houses - the decks are just about complete and cousin Marshall wrapped up an awesome concrete countertop with an organic pattern that is a perfect balance to the angled modern structure.

August 2018 - week 1

We've been busy!    Don't miss out on pre-sell discounts for buyers of our restoration projects, and great equity or high yield options for investors.    With this update we have two properties completed and ready to move at 901 Spence, framing underway at 2016 Peoples, and landscape and foundation work prepping for the two houses at 1101 Upland.    We also have some 1905 houses on the roadmap, and soon after that we begin on a signature commercial masterpiece (currently looking for serious large sum investors).

901 Spence Street A & B - the restored front house is beautiful and staged for this weekend's open house.   The decks and final trim were getting final touches.    This is the weekend we have been pushing for to find the right buyers.    The back house now has final flooring and paint, and the 2nd floor and rooftop decks will soon have the wood laid and the artificial turf cut to size.   This house turned out more open and fun than I ever expected and is also part of our open house turns.   PROJECTIONS: $1.1 to 1.2 million sale in the next month.

2016 Peoples Steet - the big bad basement garage apartment was walled up and the first floor framing completed.    We have trusses and windows on the way for the final framing and designs for the front chimney re-build are underway.    PROJECTIONS: a $900k sale would be 4x the purchase price.

1101 Upland Drive A & B - the front house is getting prepped for roof demo and the 2nd floor addon, and we just finalized the exciting plans for the back house (and will begin the city plan process this next week).   PROJECTIONS: $1.25 million combined sale from this $400k purchase.


A favorite recent picture of each property is to the right.   For more information about purchasing or investing in these or our future projects, please contact us with the details of your request - - 512-655-9424.

Copy of 0510181616a.jpg

901 Spence Master Bedroom

All original walls, floor, doors, trim. Ceiling and wall with natural and paint finishes. Original chimney. Fully renovated master bath.


2016 Peoples Street

This is the best shower pan you will find - and is a standard template we invented and use for seamless walk-in showers.


1101 Upland Drive

The view of the demolition and prep for framing at the upland plot. (well, I thought that was going to be the picture. in the meantime this is a look at a hopefully future project - 1906 house.)