Sentell Solutions  - Investment options     

Right now, we are still looking for some gap funding (money to get us to the next construction draw).   We pay very high yields on these short term loans.   They are backed by notes and have confirmed payout placements.   Payouts are due at the house closing, but we can pay back early if we get other windfalls at better rates.

We are looking for a new hard money partner for a commercial house in Bouldin at around $600k.   This house is key to the larger commercial project and gets a top spot in the commercial project.

We are also now starting to spread the word about our large commercial project that is starting to simmer.   We are looking for initial large sum investment partners.    Contact us for more information.

Finally - do you have the networking skills, just not the money yet?   We're looking to bring on team members with hourly and commission bonuses.

Email and we'll get back to you ASAP.