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Completed Projects

Garden Street Houses (2017) - Three 1924 houses with larger additions while keeping the original street facing exterior

Cross Street Houses (2016) - 2 houses from the 1924 bunch that kept original layout except the 2 bathroom upgrades and small laundry and porch additions.

Navasota Houses (2016) -  2 houses from the 1924 bunch remained most true to the original houses with slight additions for a master bathroom off the back.

Newton House (2014) - a 1945 true renovation (all original except for removing the wall between the kitchen and living room).   This is our AirBnb in the best location Austin has to offer.

Annie House (2010) - my favorite bungalow kit style, from 1929, this "tear down" was my first labor of love.   6 hour days for 6 months against the clock in my "spare time" after my real job, everything was taken down to the original except the shower upgrade in the bathroom.

Under Construction / For Sale

901 Spence - 1920s 4/3 Historic renovation.  FOR SALE.    

901 Spence B - New Construction 2/2 with rooftop deck.   FOR SALE.

2016 Peoples St - Dated 1935 front partition renovation with a huge addition including a basement garage and a rooftop deck with fabulous 360 views.   PRE SALE SHOWINGS.

1101 Upland Dr - 1949 renovation downstairs, open and slick.   Not yet to framing stages.

1101 Upland Dr B - New construction 3/2 with the rooftop deck to die for.    Pre-construction.